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India exhibition 2017

Depicting the charm of India, these watercolour illustrations document various views of cultural importance of the Sub Continent; shown in chronological order. The original pencil drawings were inked in black onto Bockingford watercolour paper and then painted individually. The originals are mounted in wood frames and are for sale, in two sizes: Small: 5.8” x 8.3” (A5) £ £ & Medium: 8.3” x 11.7” (A4) £. Limited edition colour Read more....

Aesthetics of Light

"All art is in the last analysis an endeavour to condense as out of the flying vapour of the world an image of human perfection, and for its own and not for the art’s sake, and that is why the labour of the alchemists, who were called artists in their day, is a befitting comparison for all deliberate change of style.” –Preface to Poems (1906) WB Yeats “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” Jonathan Swift "I don't paint so Read more....

Art, Imagination & Thomas Traherne

I ‘All things were pure and glorious…I knew not that there were any sins, or complaints or laws. I dreamed not of povertie, contentions or vices. All tears and quarrels were hidden from mine eyes. Every thing was at rest, free and immortal.’ 'I was entertained like an angel with the works of God in their splendour and glory. I saw all the peace of Eden. Heaven and Earth did sing…’ Thomas Traherne, The Centuries of Meditations, III.2 "Thomas Read more....

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