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A Constant New House

          Creation and revolution the realisation of life...“il-y-a”     “The il-y-a!”      ...penetrates deeper into the jungle, A liason with the contactual contractual, essential to be there; here. adamant, complelling the solider to press on into concrete, dry asphalt, battling with the tactile, erectile, projectile pangeric that keeps pouring in robotic deep fade. I call back through Read more....

Het Lievertje

the Lieverdje (pronounced Lee-vert-cheh) and meaning "the beloved little one" or 'the darling boy' is a statue of a small boy located on a street called Het Spui (pronounced, 'Spow) in Amsterdam. The boy is from Amsterdam folk legend, a 19th century street boy who died while saving a cat from drowning in an Amsterdam canal. Happenings are 'improvised events' executed by gifted and inspired eccentrics. They are wacky! I was much impressed by Robert Jasper Read more....

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