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A Constant New House

          Creation and revolution

the realisation of life…“ily-a



The ily-a! 



…penetrates deeper into the jungle,

A liason with the contactual contractual,

essential to be there; here.

adamant, complelling the solider to press

on into concrete, dry asphalt,

battling with the tactile, erectile,

projectile pangeric that keeps

pouring in robotic deep fade.

I call back through the cracked

plastic slab, having been shaken

from my hermit crab tension default.

I turn into action, reaching into your frequency,

trying to soothe your misery,

from the calm luxury of stone barn yard.


and just when you think you have the measure of it,


encounter with CoBrA,

it bites you on the hand.

thriller of life on the edge

who says he is from Copenhagen

and from Brussels and Amsterdam,

all at the same time while hissing and

flapping his hood.

My dear, will you come to play,

I’ve been reading a brilliant book by Johan

The House Singer. He says choral passtimes

are jolly cheerful, raise the spirits to a

high Pagoda in the City skyline capped in clouds.

Then you are in a remote hut in northern sweden,

reading the Situation by Asger Jorn

admiring architectural drawings

of futuristic cities where erotic wishes are fulfilled

Experimentele Groep in Holland


Karel Appel

Jan Nieuwenhuys.



proces of creation

more important to the experimental artist

than the work itself.

It will enrich you in mind and spirit,

and if you hold a mirror with it,

you’ll see in it, general perceptions of beauty!

and how they change like the price of tea

(over and over again).


Christian Dotremont

Joseph Noiret

New Babylon

City for Another Life,

end of status quo urbanism.

artistic techno synthesiser, technology,

harbinger of the end of standard Euclidean,

denoucer of compartmentalized way “art” is detached from its surroundings.

Fusion of Function and Play,

foreplay and getting to the fundamental needs,

in a continual exploration

of leisurely stimulating ambience.

profound transformation

dispersed between

science engineering

sculptoral inventiveness,

superfluous schemes:

face new conditions head on, eyes open.

the hours of awakening dreams

after the sleep of experimentation in every possible direction,

a place to stumble upon and cherish,

where aesthetics break with formal limitations

shift from back to an intense figurative representation 

with the spirit of abstraction.

come out in reaction

against tendencies to styalised ily-a

a new step in artistic creativity

is possible today, not



Life will Reside in Poetry

Rob Voerman (b.1960).

Nieuw Babylon

informal, improvised

evolved criticism of

cultural, social and financial systems. V

architecture of fictitious societies

within remote or busy urban structures.

dreaming in Watercolour.

Further Reading:

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New Babylon:
— The World of Homo Ludens, 1970
— Autodialogue on New Bayblon, 1971
— Exhibition catalogue, 1974
— Ten Years On, lecture, 1980

Harry Matthews

un poète et peintre

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