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Kurt Schwitters Merz SHED II [part 2]

What is Merz?

art can be made from anything at all.

It requires a spirit, a sensibility, Imagination, psycic laceration!

Themes of collage?

Loss of sacred and Spiritual in modern Society.

‘Merz’ as counter-movement to mainstream ‘Dada’.

Celebration of detrious, discarded by modern culture;

its signs, fragments: shattered pieces you make whole.

That man

Fled Hanover for Norway.

That last ship escaping Nazi invasion,

to Scotland. Then interred on Isle of Man,

exhibited in London, moved to Ambleside.


A World that could be put back together.

“One could even shout with rubbish!”

(circus of assemblage, labels, newspapers,

old tickets, shopping lists, labels,

textured materials (fabrics), comics fragments,

card and found wood.)

“What portion in the world can the artist have
Who has awakened from the common dream
But dissipation and despair?” WB Yeats

“For those that love the world serve it in action,
Grow rich, popular and full of influence,
And should they paint or write, still it is action:
The struggle of the fly in marmalade.
The rhetorician would deceive his neighbours,
The sentimentalist himself; while art
Is but a vision of reality.” WB Yeats


Schwitters inspired collage with wax
Schwitters inspired collage with wax

Colour patterning, textured materials

elements. wax encaustic: Inner Alchemy.

Collating materials; four weeks arranging and fixing.

Creative tensions and decisions. Time tested.

Ille. By the help of an image

I call to my own opposite, summon all

That I have handled least, least looked upon.
Hic. And I would find myself and not an image.

Ille. That is our modern hope, and by its light
We have lit upon the gentle, sensitive mind

And lost the old nonchalance of the hand”.

–WB Yeats, Ego Dominus Tuus



All Physical things show us a way

towards that which flows in and out of all things

and gives them Life.

That which permeates everything.
Art is the act of making something beautiful.

That internal state of mind, way of living,

enforced, self-willed discipline.


You look on with great expectation.

What comes in depicting one’s

profoundest experience?


Symbols formed of brushstrokes, born of

inner necessity.

What expression can and must speak?

A growing self-awareness and celebration.

Harry Matthews

un poète et peintre

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