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♡ The Heart of a Poet. A Poet is a Prophet. There is no doubt that the poet is prophetic and that prophesy is poetic: true prophecy is born in the Spirit of Jesus; in the realms of righteousness and obedience to God; given by God in the Spirit of Grace. The Poetry of God is truly the Body of Jesus Christ which is given as a gift; of His never ending Love. Being a poet is hard but it is the nature of Spiritual truth. The heart of a poet is truly at peace when the Lord brings His All Sufficiency. ♡

Harry Mathews: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Language

In the domains of painting, poetry, and prose, Harry Matthews excels as a Painter-Poet, crafting images and word arrangements. His body of work, a vibrant blend of art, poetry, and travel, transitions from canvas to paper, with every brushstroke and every word bearing witness to a life dedicated to the unyielding pursuit of inspiration.

Matthews’ art is a journey through the visceral and the sublime. His paintings, vibrant tapestries of colour and emotion, are not mere visuals but portals to worlds unseen, places untravelled. These creations, a riot of imagination, find their home at the Harry Art Gallery – a haven for seekers of truth and beauty.

His literary works, a kaleidoscope of words, are imbued with the same fiery spirit. Each book is an odyssey, a pilgrimage through the landscapes of the human experience. From the rugged terrains of the soul to the serene vistas of the heart, Matthews charts courses unknown. These tomes of wonder are shepherded into the world under the banner of Harry Art Publishing, available to all souls brave enough to embark on this journey, through the vast digital expanse of Amazon.

Matthews, with his Master of Arts in Writing, transcends the role of a mere academic to become a tireless research through the literary studies.

In this realm, Harry Matthews is not merely a creator but a luminary, steering us across the tumultuous seas of creativity, compelling us to peer beyond, to discern the extraordinary within the ordinary, to discover the sacred in the prosaic. He transcends the role of a Painter-Poet; he is a sage of the arts, a custodian of the perpetual flame.



Harry Matthews: A Voice of Depth and Insight in Contemporary Poetry

Harry Matthews, a contemporary poet of profound depth and insight, has emerged as a compelling voice in literature. His work, characterised by its rich imagery and thematic complexity, speaks to the heart of the human experience. 

Harry Matthews has a distinctive voice in contemporary poetry, as demonstrated in his debut collection “Sonarification” in 2020. His poetry has a profound environmental consciousness, deep emotional resonance, and astute observation of the world. Following his debut, Matthews has continued to captivate his readers with a series of impactful collections that deserve a wider audience.

His prolific output includes titles such as “Twynd,” “Hyperion,” “Woodwose,” and “The Lost Shadow of Things,” all released in the same year as his debut. In 2021, Matthews further expanded his literary repertoire with “Idylls of the Nymphai” and “A Whimsical Journey Through India,” each showcasing his versatility and breadth in exploring diverse themes and landscapes. His latest work, “Awaken in Seascape,” (2022/2023), continues this trend, promising to offer new depths of insight and reflection. 

Matthews’ rapid succession of publications since his initial foray into poetry signals not just a prolific talent, but also a deeply engaged artist continually exploring. 

Born and raised in the Staffordshire, Harry’s early years were shaped by the rhythms of the countryside. This connection to nature deeply influenced his writing, instilling a sense of wonder and a profound respect for the natural world. Growing up he found his love for reading and creative expression.

Matthews pursued his passion for philosophy at the University of Reading, where he graduated with a focus on political philosophy, ecology, the philosophy of nature and aesthetics. His academic background provided him with a rich variety of influences, from the philosophers of antiquity to contemporary philosophy.

During and after university, Harry travelled extensively, drawing inspiration from different cultures and landscapes. These experiences broadened his perspective and enriched his writing, allowing him to weave diverse themes and perspectives into his poetry.

Currently, Harry Matthews resides in Shropshire, where he continues to write, do academic research in English, and is inspired by the natural beauty and the ever-changing landscape around him. His upcoming collections of poems are eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike. He is also a writer of fiction and fantasy.

Harry Matthews remains a vital voice in contemporary poetry, albeit an emergent one, offering a lens through which readers can explore complex emotional and environmental landscapes. His work not only entertains but also challenges and enlightens, making him a most intriguing poet.


Reflections on The Philosophy and Craft of Harry Matthews

Harry Matthews’ approach to his labours, his craftmanship and his art is a deliberate departure from the traditional and vague notions often associated with poetry. Opting for pithiness and impermanence, Matthews consciously steers away from the extensive and sometimes obscure composition styles. His preference for succinctness reflects a clear intention to convey his thoughts and observations in a more direct and accessible manner.

Matthews acknowledges the influence of former poets, yet he carves out his own unique space in the realm of poetry. He emphasises that his work, while public in its expression, serves as a shield for his private life, which he views as unremarkable and not particularly noteworthy for public commentary. This perspective reveals a poet who values the separation between his art and personal experiences.

His interest in philosophy is evident as he contemplates the essence of things in his poetry, treating his work as an object of study and reflection in itself. This introspective approach signifies a deep engagement with the underlying themes and meanings of his work.

Matthews also notes the impact of global events on the collective consciousness, suggesting that these occurrences stir a deeper understanding and appreciation of layered meanings in art and literature. He expresses a belief that even if his poetry were not widely read, its essence would find other ways to surface and connect with audiences, whether through different mediums or creative expressions.

This statement offers a glimpse into Harry Matthews’ philosophical and introspective approach to poetry. It highlights his commitment to clarity, depth, and the meaningful expression of ideas, underscoring his role as a thoughtful and reflective, if marginalised, contributor to the literary world, from Shropshire.

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