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Magazine Feature & Interview

“Awaken in Seascape,” my 8th poetry collection, is featured in the May 2023 issue of VORAKA magazine, p. 30, with an extensive interview in which I talk about writing poetry, p. 31.



Prints and Original Paintings

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Harry Art Gallery is an online platform that offers a diverse range of artistic works. The collection includes original oil paintings, Giclée fine art prints, original drawings, original watercolours, and poetry books. Some of the items listed on the website include “View from Innangarðr towards útangarðr,” “Brou-rhuddyn,” “Arion & The Dolphin,” and “Water-fall” among the oil paintings.

The Giclée fine art prints feature works like “Epimetheus,” while the original drawings include “View of rear courtyard from room at hotel Raj Mahal” and “Tibetan Dog Under Bed.” Additionally, they offer original watercolors like “Peacock Cartouche” and “The Iron Bridge.”

For those interested in literature, there are poetry books such as “Twynd” and “Sonarification.”

The range of art and literary works gives a flavour of a commitment to a diverse artistic expression.


Awaken in Seascape

© Harry Matthews, 2023, “Awaken in Seascape”, front cover.
© Harry Matthews, 2023, “Awaken in Seascape”, front cover.

“Awaken in Seascape,” Harry Matthews’ latest anthology and his 9th poetic venture, heralds an artistic rebirth for the poet. Here, Matthews delves deep into themes that resonate with a profound sense of beauty: the enduring allure of love, the captivating call of the sea, the serene mystery of the mountains, and the liberating joy of wild swimming. Each poem in this collection is a testament to the enchanting beauty that permeates our world.

Matthews’ verses in “Awaken in Seascape” are a celebration of the diverse tapestry of the seascape, brimming with forthright honesty, visionary insights, and an inspirational verve that washes over the reader like a refreshing sea breeze.

A careful reading of this volume uncovers a consistent thread of sensibility, artistry, and vision that has been the hallmark of Matthews’ previous works. Yet, “Awaken in Seascape” stands out with its diverse and acute observations. Matthews’ latest collection continues to enchant and provoke thought, inviting readers into a world where poetic beauty and nature’s grandeur converge seamlessly.

Awaken in Seascape

  • Harry Matthews (28 Mar. 2023)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 130 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1803526106
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1803526102
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 15.24 x 0.71 x 22.86 cm

Interview & Review: DeMode Global Issue [Vol V, Issue XXV]

“When you open a book; you are also opening your mind, your potential and your point of view. We have brought you a lost of the top 9 must-read books for this spring that will help you open up your potential and your point of view in 2022. From gripping thrillers to literary gems…Idylls of the Nymphai: From a Mantic Coracle by Author Harry Matthews…”

Enjoy reading DE MODE JAN-FEB-MARCH 2022

Idylls of the Nymphai from a Mantic Coracle

Dive into the Mystical World of Harry Matthews’  “Idylls of the Nymphai”

Publisher: Harry Art Publishing; First Printing Edition (1 Nov. 2021)
Language: English
Paperback: 136 pages
ISBN-10: 1800681623
ISBN-13: 978-1800681620
Dimensions: 12.85 x 0.74 x 19.84 cm

Discover the Magic:

Embark on an esoteric voyage with Harry Matthews’ eighth poetry collection, “Idylls of the Nymphai.” This anthology is a profound exploration into the realms of divination and the sacred, skillfully blending Greek mantic lore with the Shinto tradition of Futomani. Imagine the psychedelic escapades of Hunter S. Thompson infused with the spiritual depth of Yeats and Thomas Merton – this is the journey Matthews invites you to take.

The Coracle as a Spiritual Vessel:

The collection opens with the coracle, a humble Welsh fisherman’s craft, transformed into a spiritual vessel. This metaphor echoes Yeats’ gyres, capturing tales of faith and vulnerability. Matthews navigates the tumultuous waters of life, surrendering to divine currents, akin to the Celtic saints’ pursuit of grace and deliverance.

A Poetic Call for Surrender:

Infused with radical energy and visionary zeal, Matthews’ poetic voice calls readers to relinquish control and trust in a divine plan. Each poem is a metaphorical journey, steered by inspiration and divine will, guiding you through both storms and calm seas.

Echoes of Theocritus and Rustic Pastoral:

Throughout the collection, the essence of Theocritus’ idylls breathes life into Matthews’ work, capturing the rustic and pastoral. Each poem acts as a divination, bringing readers closer to the ineffable and paying tribute to the spirits of the natural world.

A Journey of Transcendence and Awakening:

Matthews beckons you on a journey towards spiritual enlightenment, reminiscent of the Celtic monks’ path. The coracle symbolizes a journey towards spiritual resurrection, making “Idylls of the Nymphai” not just a collection of poems but a spiritual odyssey steeped in ancient traditions and eternal truths.

Praise for “Idylls of the Nymphai”:

Opening “Idylls of the Nymphai” is like stepping into a sacred grove where each poem is an act of worship. Matthews crafts a colorful tapestry of natural beauty with vivid, almost hallucinogenic language in poems like “Alseid” and “Auloniad.”
His poetry is mysterious and allusive, inviting readers to explore its complexities. Matthews’ unique voice and innovative use of language make this collection an immersive journey into his richly imagined world.

Why You’ll Love It:

Engaging and Eccentric: Harry Matthews stands out as an engaging eccentric and wit in contemporary poetry, fearlessly delving into the surreal.

Astonishingly Beautiful: This collection offers a profound exploration of reality, as rich and complex as Matthews’ own vivid imagination.

Brilliantly Rendered: “Idylls of the Nymphai” is a testament to Matthews’ significant voice in modern poetry, making it a must-have for poetry lovers and seekers of spiritual enlightenment.

Order Your Copy Today!

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary work. “Idylls of the Nymphai” is available now, ready to take you on a mesmerizing journey through the mystical waters of Harry Matthews’ imagination.

Embrace the Magic of “Idylls of the Nymphai”
ISBN-10: 1800681623 | ISBN-13: 978-1800681620

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“Idylls of the Nymphai from a Mantic Coracle.”

A Whimsical Journey Through India

“A Whimsical Journey Through India” by Harry Matthews is a captivating travel verse narrative that takes readers on an exploratory adventure through India. Matthews, an easy-going modern-day explorer, ventures into the heart of India with a blend of irony and a keen eye for the unusual. His journey is not just about the places he visits but also about the vibrant lives of the people he encounters and the rich tapestry of experiences that India offers.

The book offers a fresh perspective on the classic rite of passage, beginning with a mystical invocation and spanning a journey filled with zest and openness to the diverse cultural milieu of India. The narrative transcends mere observation, offering insights into the very essence of Indian life and Matthews’ deep engagement with its people.

Ruth Bidgood, the late Anglo-Welsh poet, praised the book for providing explanations where necessary, suggesting that Matthews does not shy away from the complexities of his experiences, but rather seeks to elucidate and inform the reader. Simon Calder, a travel journalist, compliments the book for its beautiful illustrations, there are 75 throughout, which enriches the storytelling with visual splendour.

Matthews is noted for his versatility as a writer, having published poetry prior to this verse travelogue. His journey to India, taken before his university finals and during the monsoon season, showcases his adventurous spirit and ability to embrace the unexpected.

The cover of the book features vibrant artwork, is indicative of the colourful and whimsical nature of both the journey and the writing style. The peacock, a symbol of grace and beauty, may hint at the richness of the narrative and the depth of exploration into India’s cultural heritage.

“A Whimsical Journey Through India” is a travelogue in verse that captures the essence of India through the eyes of the narrator, Harry Matthews. The manuscript is structured as a series of chapters, each focusing on different regions and experiences in India. It opens with evocative verses describing the scene in Darjeeling by the third highest mountain in the world, setting the tone for a journey that’s as much about introspection as it is about the exploration of a country​​.

As the journey unfolds, we’re taken to Udaipur, where art and history meet in a miniature school and a tale of an unconventional artist in Amsterdam is recounted, highlighting the contrasts and the rich tapestry of experiences that India has to offer. In Jaisalmer, the narrative confronts the history of Partition and the raw, elemental forces of nature​.

The tranquillity and heritage of Rohet Garh are explored, offering a peaceful respite and a chance for reflection the vibrant plumage of Rohet’s peacocks is used as a segue into discussions on Darwin’s theories, blending the natural world with intellectual musings​.

The travel poetry closes with a personal reflection on the author’s journey, both literal and metaphorical. The narrator delves into his family’s history, his motivations for travelling, and the transformative impact of India on his life. The narrative is suffused with cultural insights, personal growth, and a deep appreciation for the spirit of India.

Matthews’s writing is rich with description, capturing the sensory experiences of India, from the chai canteens perched precariously on mountain sides to the serenity of the ascetics in their orange robes​​. The narrative is also not shy of acknowledging the challenges and oddities encountered along the way, such as the surreal experience with the Sherpas in Shimla​.

“A Whimsical Journey Through India” is both a personal journey and a cultural exploration, written with an eye for detail and a heart open to the myriad experiences of life in India. It weaves together the external landscapes with the internal voyage of the author, offering a nuanced perspective that goes beyond the typical travel narrative, not least it being in verse. Matthews manages to capture the soul of India, with its contrasts, beauty, and complexities, while also charting his own inner transformation.

A Whimsical Journey Through India

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Harry Matthews; First Printing (1 July 2021).
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 410 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1916871968
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1916871960
Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 15.24 x 2.13 x 22.86 cm

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