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Kurt Schwitters. Merz

“… it was a prayer about the victorious end of the war, victorious as once again peace had won in the end; everything had broken down in any case and new things had to be made out of the fragments; and this is Merz.”
‘Kurt Schwitters’ (1930), in “Kurt Schwitters, das literarische Werk”. Ed. Friedhelm Lach, Dumont Cologne, 1973 – 1981, Vol. 5 p. 335.


Merz inspired Collage & Poetry

Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. I

Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. II

Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. III

Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. IV

Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. V

Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. VI

Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. VII

 Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. VIII

Journal of Merz Poetry  Vol. IX

Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. X

Journal of Merz Poetry Vol. XI

collagiste dans l’esprit du Merzbau, le Merzbarn

“At the bottom, the ancient one, /tangled root of all that has been, /forgotten fountain left unseen./
Helmets and hunter’s horns, / old men muttering, / brothers betrayed, / women played upon./
Branch thrusts upon branch, / nowhere a free one. / Yes, up there! Keep climbing!/
See if they’ll hold you./ That high one bends already/ to become a lyre.”

RM Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus I, 17.

Orphic Collage

Still inspired by Schwitters, but wishing to move in my own direction,

I began to make a series of Journals:

Spirituality, mythology, politics, philosophy, Justice, imagination, society; but

primarily Fine Art (Painting).

Orpheus Art Journal Vol. I

Orpheus Art Journal Vol. II

Orpheus Art Journal Vol. III

Orpheus Art Journal Vol. IV

Orpheus Art Journal Vol. V

Orpheus Art Journal Vol. VI

Orpheus Art Journal Vol. VII

Orpheus Art Journal Vol. VIII

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