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The Dolphins

Echolocation systems are susceptible to interference known as echolocation jamming or sonar jamming. Jamming occurs when non-target sounds interfere with target echoes. Jamming can be purposeful or inadvertent and can be caused by the echolocation system itself, other echolocating animals, prey, or humans. Echolocating animals have evolved to minimize jamming; however, echolocation avoidance behaviors are not always successful. Read more....

Park Life

Today was very bright and hot. I went to the park equipped with my easle and paints. I sat on my Yu-Gi-Oh fold-up chair and began a new canvas. I observed the old Oak tree, which must be more than 200 years old. The sun was intense. I love this oak tree. I have often sat under it, to meditate,  relax, to gain more strength. It is a fine old English oak, and has become very familiar to me. To honour this sturdy and formidible tree, I decided to paint it. There Read more....