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The Philosophy of Colour

THE PHILOSOPHY OF COLOR Manly P. Hall "Light," writes Edwin D. Babbitt, "reveals the glories of the external world and yet is the most glorious of them all. It gives beauty, reveals beauty and is itself most beautiful. It is the analyzer, the truth-teller and the exposer of shams, for it shows things as they are. Its infinite streams measure off the universe and flow into our telescopes from stars which are quintillions of miles distant. On the other hand Read more....

Visionary Art

   ...WHAT  IS VISIONARY ART? The sources of the visionary experience are many and varied: dreams, trance, madness, meditation... The Manifesto of Visonary Art examines 'Visions of Light' against the 'Visions of Darkness'. "The history of Visionary art is characterized by the attempt to find a new visual language - a language that may overcome the inherent contradiction (of seeing what cannot be seen) and express in visual form the 'supra-visual' or, Read more....