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That Morning Thing

Jonathan DARWIN [radio presenter]: Chorlton FM

… we move on now to the world of art. …welcome to our next guest Harry. Good Morning…

Harry [H]: ‘Good morning Jonathan’.

Jonahtan Darwin [JD]: ‘And how are you this morning?You’re exhibiting a painting part of the festival this year. First of all can you tell us something about yourself, and your art?

H: I enjoy being creative and sharing my creativity with others. The painting I am showing is about personal resurrection and renewal.

JD: There are lots of bright colours in there and its very nice

H:…and there are some interesting cartoons in the composition, and the light is casting away those rather grim and gruesome aspects

JD: The painting itself is really saying then…

H: …Light shines in the darkness.

JD: So tell us about your paints apart from the one’s that you’ve put in this festival…

H: Er, I’ve done quite a few watercolours, I also do some oil paintings.

JD: And I get the impression you really enjoy painting and get a lot out of it.

H: Oh yes! It’s very uplifting.

JD: …And if people want to find out more of how you paint, or who you are and your background, how would they go about that?

H: you can see the painting in the festival hub.

JD: It is a very creative thing you do, and the impression is that you do that and really do enjoy. And that’s very important when you’re painting, as you need to have a passion for something…

H: Yes, its a passion.

JD: And that does shine through in the painting…and I see the copy [A4 sheet] of the painting here in front of me here, which you have brought with you, and like I say it is very vibrant with a good mixture of colours, I do suggest come along to see it. And it really does stand out, which is really is a good thing!

…anymore work to be exhibited?

H: Yes within the next year.

JD: So you’ve got plenty to be working on, lots of experience there and the story behind your paintings. And if people want to find out more, obviously they can pop down and see the painting. It’s been nice talking to you…


Harry Matthews

un poète et peintre

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