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Haros the hedgehog

Haros the Hedgehog

In realms where verdant hedgerows stand,
A sanctuary sprawls across the land.
For creatures in their spiny dress,
Hedgehogs, who the wilds caress.

Beneath the hedgerows’ tangled veil,
His spiny coat, a warrior’s mail.
In this wild realm, he finds his truth,
The untamed spirit of his youth.

Haros, once lost, now finds his way,
In nature’s lap, he’s free to play.
Restored, he treads ‘twixt man and wild,
In each, he finds his inner child.

‘Neath morning’s light, ‘long hedge’s spine,
Haros roams where shadows intertwine.
In brambles’ clasp, his heart beats true,
The wild’s embrace, forever new.

Yet, in our hedgehog hearts, we find
A love for hedges, fate entwined.
More than a home, a realm so vast,
In leafy walls, our lot is cast.

And yet, a second joy does call,
A haven safe, a peaceful hall.
The Hedgehog Hotel, with open doors,
Welcomes those who seek its moors.

A bastion of peace, a nest of dreams,
Where rest and safety reign supreme.
A place where weary souls revive,
In human care, we come alive.

In Haros’ tale, both wild and free,
A hedgehog’s life in harmony.
Be it in nature’s wild embrace,
Or man’s refuge, his resting place.

In both the hedge and human’s care,
Haros finds comfort, solace rare.
A tale of love, unbound, unswayed,
In hedge or bed, our joys are laid.

Harry Matthews

un poète et peintre

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