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The Spartan Way

At the Way of the Warrior exhibition at Worcester City Art Gallery.

Greek Argive Shield:

The shield was made for the film Alexander; it is an accurate representation of a Macedonian shield and displays the star emblem of the Macedonian dynasty. The original shield would have been made of a hardwood covered with bronze. I had to pass my left arm through the armband in the centre of the shield to grasp the opposite rope.

The Greek Corinthian Helmet:

This is a copy in brass of a later bronze Corinthian helmet of about 450 BC. This type of helmet was by far the most successful Greek helmet with variants used for 400 years. The cheek guards were flexible allowing it to be pulled tightly over the head and was worn with a loose under cap providing essential padding. I used gloves to handle the helmet. I tried it on using the arming cap provided.



Harry Matthews

un poète et peintre

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