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Pust Godt Inn

In daily practice, God interweaves —
a vital breath in anxious, static homes.
Uncertainty: a mind’s unruly loom,
weaving threads unseen, unheard, untouched.

Rewind to a distant echo:
Japan, in the embrace of 5th century —
Emperor Tenmu Tenno, a solitary figure
against a backdrop of loss, a fifth of life extinguished.
He pondered, in the silence of history’s whisper:
“Is this calamity but a mirror of our inner turmoil?”
A quest for purity began,
not in grand temples, but in the quiet recesses
of a single, introspective heart.

The emperor, a catalyst;
his people, the reaction —
a collective pursuit of purification,
a cleansing deeper than the skin,
deeper than the superficial chatters of the day.

We exist in the realm of senses,
yet, in the purity of mind,
they cease their relentless chatter.
In that silence,
mistakes unravel, truth emerges.

Purify, says the ancient voice:
Read the name of Allah,
let your tongue be a vessel
of prayer, not poison.
Fast, and in your hunger, find clarity.

Purify eyes and ears,
not with water, but with wisdom.
Let simplicity be your lens,
the unadorned truth your melody.

In this modern tempest of negative news,
where do we anchor our joy?
If focus eludes, irritation ensues —
a lesson in living, a reflection on being.

Crisis, the stern teacher,
whispers of wisdom born in tumult.
Is a wise mind a quiet one?

Breathe deeper,
for in each breath lies the potential
of a new beginning,
a mind reborn,
a world reimagined.

In this tapestry of existence,
each thread is a choice,
each colour a thought,
woven on the loom of what we believe,
what we cherish,
what we decide to purify.

In the art of living,
amidst the chaos and the calm,
the act of purification
is not a singular event,
but a continuous, evolving dance
with the divine,
with ourselves.

Breathe deeper.

Harry Matthews

un poète et peintre

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