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Original, framed illustrations

The exhibition takes in the some of the architecture and landscapes of India, including the Taj Mahal,  Ajanta Caves, Mamallapuram rock temple,  tea fields of Darjeeling and Mt. Kanchenjunga.

“Armed with a lonely planet, a Panama, a rucksack , I got a ticket to Delhi, 1st June, 2001, and began to explore. For the next three months I travelled the length and breadth of India, not staying more than 3 days in any given place, so as to maximise the experience in the time allotted. I wrote my observations in a journal as I went, making sketches and taking photographs while touring the sacred sites, the remote villages or teeming cities; meeting the various people from all walks of life, and witnessing their comings and goings. It was an experience that did much to change and broaden my thinking and perspective beyond home. And I fell in love, and was in the rhythm of that happy song of India.

India is a paradoxical and fantastic land and I hope to share a glimpse of what I experienced through my writing and illustrations.




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Sun Mirror

“The avant-garde task is to deal with what nobody else is attending to. This keeps widening human consciousness and keeps balance in the universe.” – James Broughton

“We’re living through what philosopher, linguist and poet Jean Gebser calls the late-stage [left-brain], deficient mode of the mental-rational structure of consciousness – with no guarantee that we’ll survive to evolve into a more integral mode of thought and action / being.” – Ishraqi Institute. See: Jean Gebser.

“His intimate consciousness has become a perfectly polished mirror; it faces the true Being; it reflects all Lights, it lives on earth the very life of the angelic Intelligences & the celestial Souls. It has now become an Aeon, a monad that is an entire universe” – Henri Corbin

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