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True to the God in You

“True to the God in You” by Harry Matthews is a profound collection of poems that dives deep into the exploration of self, the divine, and the intricate relationship between them. Matthews’ work is a blend of spiritual introspection and vivid imagery, evoking a strong sense of connection between the individual self, the collective human experience, and the divine.

The collection starts with a powerful preface, setting the tone for a journey of self-realisation and spiritual awakening. Matthews skilfully intertwines themes of strength, loyalty, courage, and sacrifice, presenting them as essential components in the pursuit of understanding and aligning with the divine.

Throughout the poems, Matthews exhibits a remarkable ability to draw from various religious and spiritual traditions, particularly Islamic mysticism. His references to the Quranic notions of love and mercy provide a fresh perspective on these concepts, transcending traditional interpretations.

One of the most striking aspects of Matthews’ poetry is his use of natural imagery to depict spiritual and emotional states. This is evident in poems like “On the Pleasures of Sunbathing” and “On Conversing with Blackbirds,” where mundane activities or observations become metaphors for deeper spiritual truths.

The collection also delves into the human condition, exploring emotions such as love, grief, and defiance. Matthews shows a keen understanding of these experiences, always connecting them back to the overarching theme of divine presence and guidance.

In conclusion, “True to the God in You” is a compelling and thought-provoking collection that encourages readers to seek a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the divine scheme. Matthews’ poetic voice is both unique and universal, making this collection a valuable addition to contemporary spiritual literature.

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