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Ῥαμνουσία Rhamnusia

You called out the big shots with no remorse,
Now they’re back, and they’re on a collision course,
You said they were masters, acting so bold,
While God’s own house, you claimed, had grown cold.
But are you really gonna change your stance,
God’s remedy, healing, in a desperate circumstance,
Within the homes of the downtrodden, in despair,
Seeking some balance, a way out from the nightmare?
Nah, you’re sticking to your stubborn pride,
Thinking you can buy the devil’s slick ride,
Defying the Archon’s secret game,
As it unfolds, the watchers all gather in shame,
With insults and pain, they’re cracking the whip,
A sadistic show, it’s a terrible trip.
Do you let go of revenge, give peace a chance,
When the night’s dance brings shadows to enhance?
Will you finally put your grudges to rest,
Let thoughts of anger and hatred be suppressed?
Obeying the latest decree, the official command,
When darkness falls, and the night takes its stand?
You won’t back down from your chosen plight,
You wear the mantle of favour with pride, alright,
Let my hidden tears be a public display,
He who watches in secret will reward in the light of day.
So the door to greatness and mercy swings wide,
And God’s Rhamnusia descends with angels at His side,
To crush all hubris with a vengeance, no lies, no pride.

Harry Matthews

un poète et peintre

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